Sunday, August 28, 2005

We were sent to Deep Cove by a local, who said it would be an ideal pick-nick spot. She told us that it would be a little hidden away, and hard to find. Daniela snacks on watermelon in this picture as a mid day fog rowls into the cove.
Another rock picture...I know...I was just fascinated by the light, the color, and the textures of this cove...
Deep Cove is surrounded by dense vegetation, and is a little difficult to find
Deep Cove has a river that flows into it...A very cold river that Daniela found irresistible to swim in as soon as she made some friends
What is seen here is the bottom of the ocean at low tide...These beautifully algae covered rocks are sprinklered thoughout the cove at low tide
After a long walk to Swallowtail lighthouse in the morning, a well deserved pick-nick of lobster, fruit, cheese and wine was undertaken...


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