Sunday, August 28, 2005

Grand Manan Island

There are lots of ways to see whales in Canada. You can do that on the east or the west coast. One can go to the Saint Lawrence river, New Foundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or New Brunswick. One will probably find different kind of whales in those places. Minke whales and Humpback whales like to go to the mouth of the Saint Lawrence river. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick share the bay of Fundy, where the now rare right whales come to feed in the Summer. The last time a killer whale was spoted on the bay of Fundy was in 1985. Since then they haven't been seen there.
The island of Grand Manan lies kind of in the middle of the bay of Fundy and from there the “Elsie Menota” took us two hours into the high see. After this long journey we were rewarded with LOTS of right whales sightings. At some point, we had 6 whales around the boat.


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